30 Day Blog Challenge: Day. 2 Where Will I Be Ten Years From Now

Ten years from today I will be thirty-three years old. Two ‘age milestones’ and numerous adventures later. Ten years is enough time to get a lot done, fulfill dreams and accomplish goals. It will not be an easy smooth ride but I would like to believe that the past twenty-three years have in some way prepared me for the next ten years. I also hope that the next ten years will gear me with more strength and skills to help me gear up for the future.

Besides being thirty-three, in the next ten years I should be financially stable enough to maintain my own home and car. Like any other person I salivate at the sight of flashy materials. But like all things that flash, they aim to outshine those closer to them. A convenient comfortable home and car is what I aim for. Because then the blessings surrounding them will be visible and reachable.

Obviously, I hope to have a job by then. The sound of being cooped in an office for eight to nine hours a day does not so sexy. You must be up at an ungodly hour, go through traffic, oh the frustration. What sounds sexy, is the idea of working from a comfortable spot in your home or multiple comfortable spots. Who needs a power suit while you can have mismatched socks, pyjama pants and one ridiculously long t-shirt. Of course, one can never escape meetings and events and well one should not. Those are worth dressing up for. This is the ideal work environment I wish to achieve in ten years. That and many published works under my name.

Most importantly, ten years from now I hope to be happy with life, the person I will have grown into and happy with my family.


Author: Mashie.Mash

"Write until it becomes as natural as breathing. Write until not writing makes you anxious"...nice quote I have come to acquaint myself with.

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