Night out with Carmen

On the fourth of June I saw a twitter post by Ulrich Janse van Vuuren. A competition giving away two sets of double tickets to the Carmen opera at the Joburg theater. The last time I went to the theater was two years ago when I was still in Cape Town. And also I have never been to see an opera show before. So I did the obvious, I entered the competition. Towards the end of the day I got a text confirming my win. I was ecstatic. So much so that my friend locked me out of her room.

This was going to be my first ever opera show. It was also an oportunity to tick one more thing of my bucket list. I invited a friend and together we went on to enjoy our first night at the opera.

Tuesday evening I ravaged my student closet and I found something nice to wear to the theater. I had my favorite heels on and my lucky lipstick in my borrowed hand bag. I felt like a woman. Walking up those stairs to the Mandela theater had me feeling like I was floating on the clouds. Before I knew it, I was walking in and taking my seat.

The show started. At first I had trouble with focusing on the show and reading the subtitles on the provided screen. But then I got the hang of it and got my rhythm. The drama and emotion coupled with the intense vocals had me mesmerised.

Carmen was a free spirit. She lived according to her rules and followed her heart. Yet she died. Tragically. At the hands of her lover. Her former lover. A man she let go so he could be with his mother. She died from his hands. With eveything going on in South Africa, the end of Carmen dropped us right in the middle of this heart break. Women are dying by the hands of men they once trusted. Once loved. A woman leaving any relationship is her right. Respecting her decision and moving on without harming or killing her doesn`t make anyone less of a man.



I have been offline for a very long time now. Today I need someone to talk to, without actually talking to anyone. I hate days like today where the pain in my brain and body make me question my existence. I love life. I love my life even more. But I can never understand the hole this migraines drop me in. 

I always get over them. Always. No doubt I will be getting over this one too. But no matter how many times I get over this, the hole doesn’t get any less darker.

I’m sorry you had to read this. A huge chunk of me wishes you don’t actually see this. But thank you for listening, thank you for finding and reading this. Thank you for listening without actually listening.

Eager Eagle… Clumpsy Claws

So I may or may not be a klutz. And if I am or not I reject to acknowledge the ‘foolish’ part of the definition. Politics aside, so today I woke up with a mission to get a tonn of work done. Progress and no mistakes on my mind. Sometimes, especially during hectic times, we need everything to go accordingly. No room for mistakes. 

This is an imperfect world riddled with so much error. It’s still early in the morning so you can best believe that the first order of business was a train smash. And you can only imagine what that business was. 

Breakfast!!!! I had a blunder eating breakfast. Breakfast!!!!

I hitched a ride with my mother to town. Since she is heading to the office and my affairs begin around ten we figured “Hey, let’s have breakfast at the office.” We have done it before. Besides, what can go wrong? Right? Hmm! Did I not spill tea on my mother’s desk. The mess!! The horror!!! Quiet frankly I have no idea how I did not cause much havoc. Luckily the papers I ruined where blank, waiting to be used. Guess you can say I liberated them from work…yes? 

Besides setting her back on resurces I’m glad no important documents were destroyed. No information was ruined.

With this hanging on my head, the plan is to shake it off and keep doing best. Lesson from all this, well, relax, calm down and do best.