30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1. Current Relationship Status

It is…complicated. There are moments I feel it is all in my head and then there are those moments I know it is real. It all starts with ‘hello’ and the conversation flows until the next silence and that, that is when the waiting game returns. I understand why it is as it is. In his own charming way, he did try to explain. But you see sometimes logic goes over the heart and stubbornness settles instead.

It is easy to stay mad and annoyed at him. Does not make it fair. To me. To him. To us. I walked into this aware of the risks. And as my brother once advised, “If the risk is worth it, take it.” I took it. Matters of the heart are almost always complicated. With that said, our uniqueness will be determined by how we grow from this and not the level of complicatedness. As someone once said, “I want to build something with you and you do not see it yet.” I see it now, let the building continue.